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Logos have been key to corporate branding for many years; we all recognise the blue Facebook rectangle without reading the white title. Now that visiting a web site has become more an audio/visual experince, sonic logos are playing an essential part of any corporate identity. Sonic Logos usually consist of a short series of notes or a musical piece. Sonic Logos work with visuals to strengthen their memorability or can stand alone to make,say, a web banner stick in the mind. Research shows that a campaign backed up with a sonic logo is far more effective. It's almost impossible to mention Intel ,for instance, without hearing the five note sonic logo that goes with every ad. Sonic Logo dot com provide sonic logos for every conceivable corporate need. From bespoke development to off-the-shelf sonic logos, there's a sonic logo to suit everyone; local car mechanics, international insurance companies, web designers or law firms. Got a logo? You need a Sonic Logo!

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